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Shanghai Rolex Masters tickets
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It is strictly prohibited as follows:


6.1 carry to the Venue and/or display in the Venue with anypublicity materials with slogans, signs or marks indicating violence, hatred, discrimination, terrorism and prejudice or publicity materials conflicting with commercial benefits of the Event.


6.2 carry weapon or animal or any inflammable, explosive, fragile and noisy object to the Venue including but not limited to fireworks and crackers, glassworks and trumpet.


6.3 gamble or bet in any form on tickets, the Event and its result.


6.4 use Laser pen, flash or any other facility or device to interfere with the Event in the Venue.


6.5 enter the Venue when a spectator is smoking or drunk or in the period of taking psychotropic medicine.


6.6 make noise in process of a match, walk around not in the specified intermission, smoke in the Venue or conduct any other behaviors which may interfere with the Event.


6.7 step into any area which is restricted to enter without prior permission.


6.8 without prior approval, sell goods and provide services (including but not limited to beverages, food, souvenirs and tickets), conduct marketing promoting or any other behavior or activity not related to the Event in the Venue.


6.9 without prior approval, use tickets, the Event name and the Event intellectual properties (including signs, logos, words, graphic images and combinations thereof, abbreviations and non-English translation, etc.) for lottery, advertising or any other commercial purpose and infringement (e.g. express or implied a connection with the Event to mislead others). Only a sponsor or a partner with prior approval may use tickets, the Event name and the Event intellectual properties for commercial purpose.


6.10 any other behavior violating laws, public morality and reputation of the Event.

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