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Shanghai Rolex Masters tickets


Date:2018-10-30 10:10:13      9116


 1.As soon as a ticket is sold, Event promoter will not accept any request to refund, change, replace and re-issue it under any circumstance. Tickets shall be obtained through the channel designated by Event promoter. Any transference or resale of tickets for profit purpose will not be protected by laws and ticket purchasers are at the risk of getting counterfeit, stolen or used tickets which result in being refused to enter or expelled from the Venue.

Therefore, the Event promoter shall not take the legal responsibility to guarantee the validity of these tickets mentioned above.

2.The payment generated will include the ticket price and the relevant fess such as the ticket purchasing or booking fee and the delivery fee according to the purchasing or booking channel used (see Ticket Information published and updated every year).  The above-mentioned fees are separate and shall be paid by ticket purchasers.  Except the ticket price, which shall be charged by the Event promoter, other fees will be charged by the Event promoter on behalf of the service provider, or ticket purchaser can pay the service provider directly.

In case of payment in foreign currency, the final price in foreign currency shall be equivalent to that in RMB, which shall be converted at the actual transaction exchange rate published by the bank of settlement on the date of payment.

3. A spectator is admitted by ticket only. Under no circumstances shall Event promoter be responsible for replacing tickets in circumstances that include but are not limited to tickets being lost, stolen, damaged, difficult to identify or otherwise disappearing.

 4. Once check in, a ticket will have an admission record on ticketing system. Therefore, a ticket shall only be used once by one ticket holder on the same day.

 5. The ticket shall be kept with due care after admission for being checked again from time to time. Unless otherwise provided, any person who does not show his or her ticket shall be expelled from the Venue on the Event promoter's discretion.

6. No checking out the Venue in midstream and no re-admission, except depositing the tickets in exchange for a corresponding voucher in the designated office, proceeding with the formalities and leaving through the assigned passage in special cases. For re-admission, it is necessary to show the voucher in exchange for the ticket. Re-admission is limited to once only on the same day.

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