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Shanghai Rolex Masters tickets
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Date:2018-10-30 10:16:56      3319


1. Cashier's ticket is a round trip ticket (including 2 trips), which can take all lines of Shanghai Rail Transit except Maglev Line).

2. Cashier's ticket shall be used in the way of photo-in and photo-out, with one deduction for each outbound trip.

3. Cashier's Note does not provide Loss Reporting Service

4. No refund service once a promissory note is used

5. Cashier's ticket is only available during the Shanghai Rolex Masters Competition

Ticket Processing Rules

1. Faulty tickets (one round trip tickets) shall be based on the number of usages provided by Shanghai Railway Ticketing Center.

2. Fault tickets (one round trip ticket) are handled and accepted by Shanghai Metro stations. According to the remaining number of faulty tickets, the number of "complimentary tickets" (including one ride) is replaced free of charge.

Service hotline: 400-863-0020

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