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Shanghai Rolex Masters tickets


Date:2018-10-31 10:49:59      4315

     Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena:No. 5500 Yuanjiang Road - Maqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai

The hard court surface used at Qi Zhong is called Deco-Turf. Stadium court seats 13,800, Grandstand seats 5,000, Union Pay Court 3 seats 1,500.

    Pictures of venues

Apart from hosting the world's highest-level tennis competitions, the main stadium can also be used for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics and other competitions. It is a world-class multi-functional competition venue.

1. The above prices are all RMB prices. The US dollar or Euro prices shall be converted according to the exchange rate announced by the Bank of China on the day of settlement.

2. Holding tickets for the central venue, you can enter all other venues to watch the competition.

3. Audiences holding Hall 2 can enter other venues besides the central venue to watch the match.

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