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Juan Sebastian Cabal
Juan Sebastian Cabal
Birthday : 1986-04-25
Birthplace : 哥伦比亚
Country : 哥伦比亚
Score : 3250
Height : 1.85cm
Weight : 82KG
Marriage : 已婚
Robert Farah
Robert Farah
Birthday : 1987-01-20
Birthplace : 加拿大
Country : 哥伦比亚
Score : 3250
Height : 1.93cm
Weight : 89KG
Marriage : 已婚
Doubles Information

Juan Sebastian Cabal

> Nickname is "Sebas".

> Father, Dario Guillermo Cabal; mother, Libia Maria Valdes; brother, Daniel Francisco.

> Started playing tennis at age 7 because his family lived near Club de Tequendama.

> Idol growing up was Pete Sampras.

> Favourite surface is clay and shot is forehand.

> Wife, Juliana (married 25 November 2016); son, Jacobo (born 14 December 2016).

> Fitness trainer is Javier Benet.

Robert Farah

> Started playing tennis at age 3 with his father Patrick, who is a tennis coach.

> Mother, Eva, is a retired school teacher and was the Lebanese women's volleyball team captain at 1976 Montreal Olympics. Sister, Romy, played tennis for University of Miami.

> Majored in economics at University of Southern California, where he played 2007-10 and was a 3-time All-American in both singles and doubles.

> Idols growing up were Roger Federer and Marat Safin.

> Favourite shot is his serve and favourite surface is hard.

> If he wasn't a tennis player, he would be a golfer.

> Enjoys reading and watching movies.

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