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Henri Kontinen
Henri Kontinen
Birthday : 1990-06-19
Birthplace : 芬兰
Country : 芬兰
Score : 2100
Height : 191cm
Weight : 82KG
Marriage : 未婚
John Peers
John Peers
Birthday : 1988-07-25
Birthplace : 澳大利亚
Country : 澳大利亚
Score : 2100
Height : 188cm
Weight : 82KG
Marriage : 已婚
Doubles Information

Henri Kontinen

> Nickname is Henkka.

> Began playing tennis at age 3.

> Father, Pentti; mother, Marja; sister, Sanna; younger brother, Micke, played pro tennis until 2015.

> Speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

> Favourite surface is grass and shot is serve.

> If he wasn't a tennis player, he would do something with music.

> Favourite sports team is HIFK, an ice hockey team in Helsinki. Also follows NHL closely.

> Has trained in Uppsala, Sweden; Prague, Czech Republic and Bradenton, FL, USA.

John Peers

> Began playing tennis as soon as he could walk because he had a tennis court in his backyard.

> Mother, Elizabeth, and sister, Sally, both played pro tennis.

> Played college tennis at Middle Tennessee State University (2008-10) and Baylor University (2011).

> Admires Roger Federer because he is an all-court player.

> Favourite tournament is Wimbledon.

> Hobbies include golf, surfing, AFL and cricket.

> Favourite band is Coldplay.

> Wife, Danielle (married 26 November 2016); daughter, Ellie Rose (born 18 May 2017).

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